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Dr. Dirk Fey
Dipl.-Ing. Technische Kybernetik

About me

I was born in Heidelberg (Germany) and studied Engineering Cybernetics at the University of Stuttgart, where I came in touch with the intriguing, exciting field of Systems Biology. Fascinated from the question ‘What is life?’ I stayed in the field and visited the Daniel Baugh Institute for functional genomics and computational biology in Philadelphia for preparing my master thesis. Later I started my PhD in Ireland with the Systems Biology group of the Hamilton Institute in Maynooth, before I followed my supervisor Eric Bullinger to the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland and then to the University of Liege in Belgium, where I obtained my PhD entitled Parameter estimation for biological models. Now I am postdoc with Systems Biology Ireland at the University College Dublin.

My research interest focuses on dynamical mathematical models of biochemical reaction networks. Mathematical modelling is a fundamental tool in systems biology that is essential for understanding dynamic and quantitative phenomena, checking consistency of hypotheses and/or data, as well as obtaining experimentally testable predictions.

PhD opportunities

Systems Biology Ireland, University College Dublin offers PhD stipends within a structured 4 year programme. Successful candidates could work with me on applying control theoretical methods to cell signalling and gene regulation networks involved in child cancers. See the PhD programme flyer and the SBI web page or contact me for detailed information: dirk.fey@ucd.ie.


23. Jul 2013: Research featured on the cover of "Learning & Memory" (link)

30. Nov 2009: Book release "Control Theory and Systems Biology" edited by Pablo A. Iglesias and Brian P. Ingalls (Link)

20. Jan 2009: Best presentation dynamic systems and applications awarded to Dirk Fey at the University of Strathclyde Research Presentation Day (.pdf).

Upcoming events

Former teaching at ULg

SYST003: Analyse et synthèse des systèmes

Former teaching (at Strathclyde)

19.993: Industrial Control

EE907: Fundamentals of Control Engineering

EE905: Control of Industrial Processes