General information

  • Link in study programmes
  • Teachers: Pierre Geurts, Gilles Louppe, Louis Wehenkel
  • Sections: master in data science, master in data science and engineering, master of science in computer science and engineering, master in computer science.
  • Language: English
  • Schedule : 2nd semester, Thursday from 9am to 1pm (at the latest), first lecture 8/02/2018
  • Room: 0.39, B37 R7, B28 (Montefiore)


See these slides for organizational details. Group formation and document upload must be done through the Montefiore submission platform.
  • For the discussion groups:
    • 15/02/2018: group formation (4-5 students per group)
    • 09/04/2018: slide upload
  • For the oral exam:
    • 15/03/2018: group formation (2 students per group)
    • 01/05/2018: paper upload

Lecture schedule and materials

Discussion sessions

Instructions about the discussion sessions can be found in these slides . Group assignments are available here .