Dr. Jean-Michel Redouté
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
Montefiore Institute
Université de Liège
Allée de la découverte 10, 4000 Liège

E-mail: jean-michel.redoute@uliege.be

Jean-Michel Redouté was born in Antwerpen, Belgium, in 1975. He received the degree of M.S. in electronics at the University College in Antwerp (1998), and the degree of M.Eng. in electrical engineering at the University of Brussels (2001). In August 2001, he started working at Alcatel Bell in Antwerp, where he was involved in the design of analog microelectronic circuits for telecommunications systems. In January 2005, he joined the University of Leuven as a Ph. D. research assistant.  In May 2009, he defended his Ph. D. entitled "Design of EMI resisting analog integrated circuits". In September 2009, he started working at the Berkeley Wireless Research Center at the University of California, at Berkeley: this research was funded by the Belgian American Educational Foundation (BAEF). In September 2010, he joined Monash University, Melbourne, as a senior lecturer.  In July 2018, he started working at the University of Liège as an Associate Professor.  His research is concentrated on miniaturized and low-power sensor interfaces, robust mixed-signal integrated circuit (IC) design with a high immunity to electromagnetic interference, biomedical (integrated and non-integrated) circuit design, electromagnetic interference and compatibility (EMC) and integrated imagers.  Jean-Michel Redouté is an associate editor for the IEEE Sensors Journal.