Below is a selection of talks I have given over the last few years. They provide a good overview of the research projects I have been involved in.

Research Overview

This is a general overview talk I gave at various institutions as seminar or colloquia about my research over the last decade.

Microsensors for Biomedical Applications

An invited talk I gave a Trillion Sensors Summit in Munich in October 2014. It provides a good overview over the research I did at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronics and Systems, Duisburg.

Resonant Sensors for Label-free Biosensors

This invited talk was given at the MNE Workshop in Enschede, the Netherlands. It reviews some fundamentals of resonant sensors for biosensors, and describes the projects in the area I was working on at the Fraunhofer Institute for Microelectronics and Systems, Duisburg.

Innovative Control Systems for MEMS Inertial Sensors

The invited talk describes some advanced electro-mechanical sigma-delta modulator control systems for MEMS inertial sensors, such as accelerometer and gyroscopes. It was given at the IFSC Conference in Balitmore, USA.

Research Highlights at the University of Southampton

A presentation describing the research projects I worked on at the University of Southampton. It was given at a seminar series in Southampton.

MEMS for Nano - Solutions to the Fat Finger Problem

An invited talk given in Dalian, China outlining the idea of using MEMS tools to manipulate objects at the nanoscale, even single atoms or ions.

Engineering Atom Chips

This presentation gives an overview about our work on Engineering Atom Chips. It was given as an invited talk at the IEEE NEMS conference in Shenzhen, China in Jan. 2009.

Higher Order Sigma-Delta Modulators Interfaces for Capacitive Inertial Sensors

This is a tutorial presentation about our work on sigma-delta modulator interfaces for MEMS inertial sensors. It was given at the NATO Science for Peace and Security Workshop in Vichy, France in Sept. 2007.