Mattia Zorzi

Systems and Modeling 
Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science, B28
Université de Liège
B-4000 Liege Sart-Tilman, Belgium.

Tel : +32 4 366 37 18

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Research topics


Graphical models


Multivariate spectral estimation


Structured covariance estimation


Robust estimation


Quantum channel estimation








M. Zorzi, R. Sepulchre. AR identification of Latent-variable Graphical models. Submitted. [preprint: pdf]


M. Zorzi, R. Sepulchre. Factor Analysis of Moving Average Processes. Submitted. [preprint: pdf]


M. Zorzi. Multivariate Spectral Estimation based on the concept of Optimal Prediction. Submitted. [preprint: pdf]


M. Zorzi. Rational approximations of spectral densities based on the Alpha divergence. Math. Control Signals Syst., 26(2):259-278, Jun. 2014. [preprint: pdf] [online: www]


M. Zorzi. A new family of high-resolution multivariate spectral estimators. IEEE Trans. Aut. Control, 59(4): 892-904, Apr. 2014. [preprint: pdf] [online: www]


M. Zorzi, F. Ticozzi, and A. Ferrante. Minimal resources identifiability and estimation of quantum channels. Quantum Information Processing, 13(3):683-707, Mar 2014. [preprint: pdf] ] [online: www]


M. Zorzi, F. Ticozzi, and A. Ferrante. Minimum relative entropy for quantum estimation: Feasibility and general solution. IEEE Trans. Inf. Theory, 60(1):357-367, Jan 2014. [preprint: pdf] [online: www]





B. C. Levy, M. Zorzi. A contraction analysis of the convergence of risk-sensitive filters. Submitted. [preprint: pdf]





M. Zorzi, F. Ticozzi, and A. Ferrante. Estimation of quantum channels: Identifiability and ML methods. In 51st IEEE Conference on Decision and Control (CDC 2012). 2012. [online: www]


M. Zorzi and A. Ferrante. On the estimation of structured covariance matrices. Automatica, 48(9):2145–2151, Sep. 2012. [online: www]


A. Ferrante, M. Pavon, and M. Zorzi. Structured covariance estimation in high resolution spectral analysis. In Proc. of Int. Symp. Mathematical Theory of Network and Systems, MTNS 2012. Melbourne, 2012. [online: pdf]


A. Ferrante, M. Pavon, and M. Zorzi. A maximum entropy enhancement for a family of high-resolution spectral estimators. IEEE Trans. Aut. Control, 57(2):318–329, Feb. 2012. [online: www]





R. Corvaja, I. Capraro, A. Dall’Arche, N. Dalla Pozza, F. Gerlin, A. Tomaello, M. Zorzi, A. Assalini, A. Ferrante, G. Pierobon, F. Ticozzi, G. Vallone, and P. Villoresi. Engineering a Long Distance Free-Space Quantum Channel. In Isabel. Barcelona - Spain, 2011. [online: www]





A. Ferrante, M. Pavon, and M. Zorzi. Application of a global inverse function theorem of Byrnes and Lindquist to a multivariable moment problem with complexity constraint. In X. Hu, U. Jonsson, B. Wahlberg, B. and B. Ghosh, editors, Three Decades of Progress in Control Sciences, pages 153–167. Springer-Verlag, Berlin, 2010. [online: www]






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