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Quake Editing Utilities

Why are you looking at this page? There is nothing here yet... Wait until I have the time to make a nice-looking page for QEU, but before that I will have to write a real Quake editor. For the moment, QEU is only a set of utilities with very limited functionality.

If you want to have a look at what I have for the moment, get the source code for the latest version of QEU (which is already a bit old) from my server or from the main Quake archive, ftp.cdrom.com (binaries for DOS are also available there). You should also take a look at the Unofficial Quake Specs to which I contributed. They are available from my server too. The name of the file is qkspeck??.html, where ?? is the version number.

I hope that I will have the time to update this page soon. Also, I should update my game editing page and all my other WWW pages because most of them haven't been updated since last year.

If you want to discuss QEU or other Quake editing utilities, please use the Quake editing newsgroup: rec.games.computer.quake.editing. It's better than e-mailing me directly, because everyone will benefit from the discussion (assuming that you have some questions or something interesting to say...).