• Regression tree package: contains a c implementation of (multiple output) regression trees and various ensemble methods thereof, including extremely randomized trees (Geurts et al., 2006), Random Forests (Breiman, 2001), and multiple additive regression trees (Friedman et al.). The c code is not standalone but a matlab interface is also included. This code is also used in the GENIE3 software for gene regulatory network inference and in Lucian Busoniu's matlab approximate reinforcement learning toolbox.
  • Decision tree applet: an interactive java applet to build decision trees and visualize them (old).

These softwares and source codes are provided for research purpose only and without any warranties of any kind. Feedback is greatly appreciated. Don't hesitate to contact me if you have any problem using these softwares (but unfortunately, I can not guarantee that I will answer quickly or at all).


Some artificial time-series datasets I generated in my PhD thesis are available here. Feel free to contact me if you want to obtain a dataset I used in one of my publications.