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This page is Netscape-enhanced

[Netscape Internal image] [Netscape Internal image] [Netscape Internal image] Hello there! [Netscape Internal image] [Netscape Internal image] [Netscape Internal image]

As the title says, this page is Netscape-enhanced. What does it mean? Well, not much. Like dozens of other WWW pages, it uses non-standard HTML extensions of Netscape to create some K00L effects. Most of these special effects use violations of HTML in order to change the look of the page or its title.

If you are looking at this page with Arena, Mosaic, HotJava, Emacs-w3, Lynx or another browser, you will understand what the problem is: this page is unreadable because of the invalid combinations of HTML tags (or use of non-standard HTML tags).

The following ``tricks'' are forbidden or incorrect in HTML:

If this was forbidden in Netscape too (like in all other browsers and according to the HTML specifications), people would not be tempted to use these tricks. Unfortunately, more and more WWW pages are using invalid HTML and look horrible with most browsers.

Ah well, the authors of these pages probably ignore that some browsers like Arena display a nice ``Bad HTML'' flag for their pages. They don't know that some people are laughing at them because they can't write correct HTML. He he he...

Surrender to Netscape!

Oh, I just discovered something: using some internal ``features'' of Netscape, it is possible to create a Netscape-proof page. Have a look at it!
Tired of seeing this? You can go back to my home page or visit The Enhanced for Netscape Hall of Shame. You will also get some useful hints in the Bad Style Page.

I almost forgot... If you are looking for erotica stuff (in other words, pornographic images), you should take a look at my favourite site. It's an old one, but a good one. And it still works...

Do you like Easter eggs? If you are using Netscape for X11, try this or this and look at the logo in the top right corner.