Elements of statistics

MATH0487-2, University of Liège, Fall 2023

Lecturer: Pierre Sacré
Teaching assistants: Antoine Debor, Arnaud Delaunoy, Antoine Evens
Student instructors: ??, ??, ??

When: Tuesdays, 8:15am-10:15am.

Where: check on Celcat.

Communication: Ed Discussion is our primary digital channel for communication about the course. Sign up here: (use your @student.uliege.be email address). If you haven't received a registration email by the first day of the class, send an email to . An announcement about the course organization is waiting for you there.


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Schedule and materials

Slides are made available as the semester progresses.

This tentative schedule is subject to change.

Date Classroom Topics
Tue 19/09 B4 A204 Overview [slides]
Introduction [slides]
Models, likelihood, and estimation [slides]
Tue 26/09 B4 A304 Loss functions, bias--variance tradeoff, and asymptotics [slides]
Tue 03/10 B31 Durkheim Exercises 1 [list]
Tue 10/10 B31 Durkheim Point estimation [slides]
Tue 17/10 B31 Durkheim Exercises 2 [list]
Tue 24/10 B31 Durkheim Confidence intervals [slides, podcast]
Tue 31/10 (no class) (no class)
Tue 07/11 B31 Durkheim Exercises 3 [list]
Tue 14/11 B31 Durkheim Regression [slides]
Tue 21/11 B31 Durkheim Exercises 4 [list]
Tue 28/11 B31 Durkheim Hypothesis testing [slides]
Tue 05/12 B31 Durkheim Exercises 5 [list]
Tue 12/11 B31 Durkheim Bayesian statistical inference [slides]
Tue 19/12 B31 Durkheim Exercises 6 [list]

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Additional materials

Most relevant books (see on myULiège):

Lecture slides from MATH0062 2022-2023 [slides].

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