ELEC 0041: Modeling and design of electromagnetic systems - Spring 2023


Tue 07/02General introduction; Introduction to Gmsh and GetDP: hands-on construction of a .geo and a .pro file. See here some general information on Onelab. Quick overview on GetDP features from slide 59 on.
Tue 14/02No class.
Tue 28/02Review of Maxwell's equations, electromagnetic fields and related global quantities (charge, voltage, current, magnetic flux), material constitutive laws; electrostatic, electrokinetic, magnetostatic, magnetodynamic and full wave models [Slides], [Slides KUL]; Electrostatics, part 1: weak formulation in terms of the scalar potential, boundary conditions.
Tue 07/03Discretization: mesh, basis functions, degrees of freedom, discrete weak formulation; Electrostatics, part 2: global quantities (charge and floating potential). Electrokinetics: formulation, global quantities (voltage and current) [Slides KUL]; [Download simpleCable.geo, Download simpleCable.pro]. [Homework assignments]
Tue 14/03Overview of (other) electromagnetic modelling techniques [Slides]; Electrodynamics (electroquasistatics).
Tue 21/03 Magnetostatics: scalar and vector magnetic potentials, infinite shell transformation, edge elements (3D vs. 2D) [Slides KUL]; class time for homework part 1 (due on 24/3).
Tue 28/03Magnetodynamics, part 1: a-v formulation, global quantities (currents and voltages) [Slides KUL];
Tue 18/04Magnetodynamics, part 2: frequency-domain vs. time-domain, template formulation, examples [Slides KUL];
Tue 25/04Going further: circuit coupling, three-dimensional problems and Whitney elements, complementary formulations, gauging, cuts [Slides]; class time for homework part 2 (due on 28/4) [Slides KUL];
Tue 03/05Nonlinear problems: Newton-Raphson and Picard iterations; Rigid body forces using the Maxwell stress tensor.
Tue 09/05Wave propagation: full wave formulations, domain truncation; application to antenna and waveguide modelling [Slides].
Tue 16/05Multiphysic couplings: the magnetometer example (electromagnetics, thermics and elastodynamics). class time for homework part 3 (due on 19/05)

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