INFO 0939: High Performance Scientific Computing - Fall 2021


  Courses Projects
Tue 14/09 General introduction (slides); Connection to the HPC clusters
Tue 21/09 Computer architectures, single CPU (slides); Explanations for project 1; [Optional: C programming language review] Project 1 (updated 13/10/2021)
Tue 28/09 Computer architectures, parallel computers (slides); Introduction to parallel programming (slides); Introduction to the computing environment (slides)
Tue 05/10 Introduction to OpenMP (slides, examples)
Tue 12/10 More on OpenMP
Tue 19/10 Code debugging and profiling (codes Git repository, slides)
Tue 26/10 Introduction to MPI (slides, code example); Explanations for project 2 Final deadline for project 1; Project 2 (updated 19/11/2021)
Tue 02/11 No class
Tue 09/11 More on MPI (slides) - [Optional: Numerical solution of PDEs review (slides, slides)]
Tue 16/11 Introduction to GPUs (slides);
Tue 23/11 Class time for project 2. Intermediate deadline of project 2 on 26/11.
Tue 30/11 Class time for project 2
Tue 07/12 Class time for project 2
Tue 14/12 Directive-based GPU programming (Slides); Class time for project 2
Tue 14/12 Final deadline for project 2

Access the CECI clusters

This course requires the use of the CECI clusters for the realization of the projects. To get access, please follow the following steps:

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