Cyril Briquet

PhD in Computing Science, 2008

Formerly with:

Software: CanoPeer P2P Grid middleware


CanoPeer P2P Grid Software

CanoPeer (formerly known as Lightweight Bartering Grid, or LBG for short) is a P2P Grid middleware. It is comprised of client software to submit computing jobs to the peer-to-peer Grid, and of server software (peer nodes and worker nodes) to manage and run the computing jobs.

CanoPeer is the first P2P Grid middleware with embedded BitTorrent support for data transfers.

CanoPeer is developed in Java (currently J2SE 5.0). Users can submit jobs in Java as well.

CanoPeer is Free and Open Source software. It is licensed under the GPL3 license.

CanoPeer results from joint work with Algorithmics lab alumni Xavier Dalem. See publications here above.

CanoPeer acknowledges the support of YourKit: YourKit is kindly supporting open source projects with its full-featured Java Profiler. YourKit, LLC is creator of innovative and intelligent tools for profiling Java and .NET applications. Take a look at YourKit's leading software products: YourKit Java Profiler and YourKit .NET Profiler.

Research interests

  • algorithmic XML tagging
  • algorithms and data structures
  • computational geometry (convex hulls)
  • software engineering
  • timetabling
  • XML data models
Discrete Geodesic Shortest Paths algorithm
P2P Grid
  • cloud middlewares (PAAS)
  • discrete-event simulation
  • distributed computing
  • P2P Grid computing
  • scheduling


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